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Social Media for Ecommerce

Can a TikTok video and a few Tweets really help your Ecommerce business? We talk about how Social Media can drive revenue and increased brand awareness.

Don’t Let Affiliates Walk All Over You

Is affiliate revenue too good to be true? We cover some of the reasons why your ecommerce store's affiliates, could cause more harm than good.

Free & Paid SEO Tools for Ecommerce

Which SEO tools are worth considering, to help improve your Ecommerce website's rankings in Google? We look at the free and paid options.

Blogging for Ecommerce Sites

Should your Ecommerce store have a blog? What should you talk about? How can it drive sales? We talk about how blogging can turn into increased revenue for Ecommerce b...

Expired Domains & Drop Catching

Learn what Drop Catching is, how to register a domain that's expiring, the SEO value of an Expired Domain and what the best domain auction websites are.

Structured Data & Featured Snippets

What's better than #1 on Google? Being the Featured Snippet at #0 of Google! We talk about how to win this coveted top spot.

SEO for PDF files and any other formats

How can PDF files (such as manuals, brochures and catalogues) rank in Google? Should you try to rank them in Google at all? This week we talk about all things non-HTML.

Seasonal & Sales Ecommerce Pages

Should Black Friday and one-off sales pages live forever? Can Christmas and seasonal pages be evergreen? Matt and Rob discuss the Ecommerce dilemma of temporary pages.

Building the Perfect Product Page

What makes the perfect PDP (Product Page) for SEO and for the user? What should it include? How should you handle Out of Stock items?

The History & Future of Fashion Ecommerce

The future and history of fashion ecommerce. We welcome our special guest, Miriam Lahage, who was the CEO of Figleaves.com and VP at eBay.

How Google Crawls Your Ecommerce Website

How does Google work? Matt and Rob dive into how the search engine reads your content and finds your new pages. What can you do to make their life easier and receive m...

Ecommerce Website Security

What are the steps you should take, to keep your Ecommerce business and website safe from hackers? Is Shopify safer than WooCommerce or Magento? What are the biggest w...

Ecommerce Security - SSL Certificates & Trustmarks

Why should you pay for an SSL Certificate, for your Ecommerce website? Are some more secure than others? Matt and Rob discuss how SSL and Trustmarks can boost your con...

International SEO for Ecommerce

How to go International, with your Ecommerce site. How do you target different countries in Google? Country domains, subdomains or subfolders? This episode tells you ...

The Curse of Keyword Cannibalization

Matt and Rob discuss the issue of Keyword Cannibalization, which most Ecommerce websites experience at some point. How can you stop your pages from competing against e...

Choosing an Ecommerce Platform

SaaS or Self Hosted? Magento or Shopify? We weigh up the pros and cons of each major ecommerce platform, to help you make the right choice.

JavaScript Driven Ecommerce Websites

Rob and Matt discuss the ups and downs of using JavaScript frameworks on your ecommerce website. Angular, React, VueJS and Ember - What does it all mean and how does i...

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